Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 240: In the Library

You know what's interesting and great about college? The fact that I can go and sit in a legitimate library, with my chai tea and do my homework. Now, if you're smart you'll point out that right now I'm not doing homework at all, but am instead blogging, and you'd be right, but it just felt like time for a break.

But you know what sucks about college? The fact that you have to leave so much behind. I mean, it's this time that will probably end up being the best years of your life, and you're finally free from the confines of your house, and I absolutely love college, I really do. There are so many things I love. But at the same time, back home, I can't help but feel I'm already being replaced.

I guess I knew life would go on without me, and it's something I'll have to eventually accept. It's just like how when I was sitting on the top of Bay Lake Tower the morning of my departure, I couldn't help but think about how life will continue to go on there. Even after I've left, the monorail will continue to run and everything, and that's how I related this, even though I'm pretty sure I've discussed this concept before.

Like it's not that people have forgotten me, since in reality they probably haven't, but to me, everything they say or do is like a knife in my heart. Like they'll talk about stuff going on, and I'll be like "yeah. I know. I was there two days ago." I've been gone for two days and already it seems to me like they're doing all of these things without me. Things I never got to do and will never get to do. That part of my life is gone...but I really REALLY miss it.

In fact, I think I miss it as much as I miss Disney.

Here's today's Disney History: 1989: At Disney-MGM Studios, Jim Henson (who is making a special appearance to announce his pending partnership with the Walt Disney Company) and Kermit the Frog leave their imprints & signatures on the courtyard of The Great Movie Ride.

Have a magical day!