Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 213: Disney Things I'd Like to Buy

Well, when trying to figure out what to write about for today, I was on Pinterest, like I often am, and decided that one board I don't really talk about much is my Disney Store board, which is basically all of the Disney things that are awesome and that I really wish I owned. It just sounded like something I could talk about, because while there are so many Disney things I wish I owned, there are really only a few that I have currently posted on my Pinterest board.

Alright, so I'm kind of obsessed with Donald Duck. He's probably one of my favorite characters. Like, my phone case is sometimes Donald, and I love my Donald Duck Sweatshirt absolutely to death! Actually, other than that I guess there isn't a lot of stuff that I have that's Donald, but you know. That just means that there's plenty of room for more Donald!

I'll be honest with this one. If someone buys me these, I'd be so happy for like...ever. If you are a blog reader and want to send me something ever, send me these. I would kill for such shoes. I would. Ok, maybe not.

I have one question: Why do I not have this for my computer? 

You can't not have Disney luggage. I guess I have some Disney luggage, but this one is seriously awesome. I would love to have these suitcases, and if I ever have to actually buy new suitcases I'm pretty sure I'll buy these or something like these. It just seems like a thing I need to do. 

And finally, this. I just need this. I think we ALL need this. Just saying. 

So, if you ever want to get me a gift...these are all great choices. That or anything Canadian. I love Canadian things. That might just be because I'm currently watching an ApprenticeEh vlog though. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1942: Disney's 5th full length animated feature Bambi has its U.S. premiere at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Have a magical day!