Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 222: Burger Fest

I talked a little about it yesterday, but yesterday was mostly about the Hot Air Balloons, so I'll go more indepth this time! But this weekend marks the 25th Hamburger Festival in my hometown of Seymour, Wisconsin.

You probably haven't heard of us, but you really should, because our town has probably affected your life. You see, way back in 1885 a man named Charlie Nagreen invented a little thing we like to call the Hamburger. He was selling meatballs at the county fair, which still takes place here in Seymour, when he wanted to come up with a way for the food to be more portable. So he put in between some bread and so the hamburger was invented! Sure there are other people that say they invented it too, but we were first, and the Wisconsin state legislature actually declared Seymour the Home of the Hamburger!

But that's not it! We didn't just invent the hamburger! If you check in the Guinness Book of World Records, you'll also find Seymour, Wisconsin in there for the record of the world's largest hamburger! Now don't ask me how big it is, because I have absolutely no clue, but it's GIANT. We actually have a special grill just to cook the big burger!

And once a year, generally one of the first two weekends in August, the entire town shows up for Hamburger Fest! This was our Quarter Century of it, but that's ok because it never gets old! Never! Along with the hot air balloons I was sharing yesterday, there's a lot of other stuff going on! Today, for instance, we had our parade, which I was in directing the band again. And there's a bun run, which is a 5K run in the morning, and of course, always a fan favorite: the ketchup slide!

Now, I'm not sure what this all has to do with Disney other than the fact that...wait a minute, I do know! It's a Star Wars relation! Did you ever wonder how George Lucas got the idea for the shape of the Millennium Falcon? Well wonder no longer! Can you guess where he got it? A HAMBURGER! That's right, watch the facts:

What now!?! There wouldn't be a Millennium Falcon without Seymour! How's that for a Disney connection!?! Oh yeah, and if you put Home of the Hamburger in annotation, it spells HOTH. How funny is that? I live on HOTH! Or in Hoth...but it makes more sense the other way.

Here's today's Disney History: 2012: Walt Disney World opens its "Lion King" wing at Disney's Art of Animation Resort. Themed to 1994's animated movie, the wind offers family suites and completes the third phase of WDW's newest hotel. The fourth and final phase, themed after The Little Mermaid, will open in September. 

Have a magical day!