Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 238: First day...for real!

Today was our first day of classes here at SNC, and honestly it went pretty well. I have an 8 am class so I suppose I really shouldn't be writing this right now and should instead try to go to sleep, but it's just too darn hot. You know it's too hot when I start eating ice cream too. Like just to try and stay cool I bought a little pint container of ice cream (well, Froyo really) from the store here and have been slowly snacking away on it. I can only eat a little bit at a time, but it cools you off for at least a few minutes.

I started the day out with my very first music theory class, which I really did enjoy. I mean, we didn't do much, not at all, but I'm looking forward to the rest of the class. Then I headed to my religion (theology) course, which was equally fun, although I found out I have the incorrect that should be an adventure. And then I had a nice giant break before my final class (sort of I suppose), Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Now this is where my blog can relate here. I honestly think I'm going to like this class. Why? Well the name Harrison Ford literally came up. No joke, my professor said Harrison Ford, and then we talked a while about Blade Runner, a Harrison Ford movie, and Star Wars of course, and Star Trek and so on and so forth. In the end, although I'm not necessarily always into sci-fi, I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of really interesting stuff in this course.

Plus, I really feel that the next time I do go to Disney, I really am going to have to eat at the sci-fi because it would just be silly not to. If the band does go there I kind of want to take a couple of my friends in there though, so maybe that will happen after all.

A kind of short blog post tonight, but it's been a seriously long day, with me going home and everything. But I got into Wind Ensemble! I'm really excited about that! Sure, I may be last chair, but there's like....four of us, and two are freshman, and I messed up my chromatic, but you know! I'm still happy!

Here's today's Disney History: 1918: A young Walt Disney forges his parents' signatures to enlist in the American Ambulance Corps (part of the Red Cross) as an ambulance driver. He changes his birth from 1901 to 1900.

Have a magical day!