Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 226: The Disney Monitor

I feel like it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm an annual passholder at Walt Disney World. It's how my family has always done Disney, and honestly I can't imagine NOT being an Annual Passholder. But either way, a few times a year they send out the Disney Monitor, which is, of course, the Annual Passholder "magazine" if you will. 

Now I normally just kind of go through them, but this month's issue was especially adorable (other than reminding me of all the things I cannot attend this fall because I'm no where near Florida). So I'll just type what they wrote at the beginning, which went along with portraits like these: 

Welcome, ghoulish Passholders, to our haunted issue...there's no turning back now!

Dearest Passholder, 

On the cover, you see some of our infamous villians as they might have appeared in their corruptible, mortal state inside Haunted Mansion. (By the way, was that room actually stretching?)

Of course, the cover is just one of our little Halloween tricks. We've got more tricks up our sleeve in this issue, but mostly you'll find lots of treats - because we want you to take advantage of your Passholder admissions, perks and privileges to their very fullest. 

Now read on...and hurry ba-ack...hurry baaa-ack...

Chillingly yours,Your best friends forever at Walt Disney World Passholder Programs.

Ok, now tell me that wasn't adorable. It seriously made my day when I read it. As we discussed a while back, Haunted Mansion is my favorite attraction in the Magic Kingdom, so seeing something like this was just absolutely great. Of course, I read the entire thing out loud to my family and best friend, just in the way I would narrate along with the attraction itself. And as soon as I was finished, I knew I just had to share it on here, because it's a piece of Disney that totally came into my life and made it brighter!

Also happy birthday to my friend Ashley!

Here's today's Disney History: 2010: The Last Tour to Endor special-ticket event is held at Disney's Hollywood Studios as part of the Star Wars Celebration V convention. The event allows attendees a chance to ride Star Tours before it closes September 8, 2010. In attendance is Star Wars creator George Lucas!

Have a magical day!