Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 212: A Few of My Favorite Things V1

I do so many of the Volume Posts, but it just occurred to me recently that I never really talk about my personal favorite things at Walt Disney World. Maybe once I talked a bit about my favorite quiet places or smells or something. Even music, but I don't think I've ever had a series that just talks about things like my favorite attractions or restaurants. In other words, I figure that right now is a very good time to start (Gosh all these Sound of Music References!)

This will hopefully work just like my Disney Collection Series, where about Once a Month or so I'll post on a Different subject of my favorite Disney things! Of course, this topic could go absolutely anywhere in the Disney Universe, but we'll start with something simple: Attractions!

Magic Kingdom Winner: 

This one is really Really REALLY hard, because I absolutely adore so many of the Magic Kingdom attractions! I think after some tough thought (I even had to ask my dad!), my favorite attraction currently in the Magic Kingdom is The Haunted Mansion! This is actually pretty funny because this was my LEAST favorite attraction as a kid. But somewhere along the line I just fell in love with the music and the idea and the entire thing. Plus it houses my absolute favorite word: Prematurely! Oh, and on the topic of which is better, Disneyland or Disney World, totally Disney World on this one!

Magic Kingdom Runner Up: 

Ok, so I couldn't pick just one you know! Actually I think it's almost a tie between the three, but the runners up are easily Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. I've always loved Buzz, and after all, I am the Galactic Hero, but Space Mountain is a more recent addition. It is easily my favorite of the mountains at Disney, and of the roller coasters in general I think. I just love the fact that it's all dark and you don't really know what's coming. Well, I guess if you ride it enough you do, but when you go as often as I do, which isn't very often at all, you kind of forget what happens.

Honorable Mention: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Epcot Winner: 

This is the easiest one! Spaceship Earth! It was the first Disney attraction I was ever on, and honestly, if my life works according to plan it will be the last one before I die. Unless I die at Disney......but then I get to live at the Haunted Mansion, right? Either way, I have been on SSE over 130 times now, and it is absolutely my favorite attraction, not just in Epcot, but in all of Walt Disney World!

Epcot Runner Up: 

While not a "Ride" like all the others listed, this is a list of Attractions, meaning that The American Adventure is most certainly included! This attraction is actually the reason I'm so interested in History, although I have this feeling I talked about that a long time ago. Either way, it has lovely music and a great storyline (our country is pretty great!), and I have always loved the Civil War section with the story of the two brothers!

Honorable Mention: Test Track

Hollywood Studios Winner: 

This one was quite hard too, because my winner and runner up are seriously almost a tie. But the winner has to come out as Star Tours. Like most of the attractions on this list, I didn't like it until recently when I decided to watch Star Wars and then got motion sickness medicine so I would be able to ride it! The first time I went on it years ago I just wasn't impressed, but then I watched Star Wars, and then in November 2012 I went on it 9 times...searching for Han Solo of course!

Hollywood Studios Runner Up: 

And just behind Star Tours is the Great Movie Ride. It's another one of those attractions that's just a classic, one that you HAVE to go on! Plus I'm a pretty big fan of movies myself, and I've actually taken to watching most of the movies in the Great Movie Ride, not including the montage at the end of course, that could get tricky! Still it's helped me discover some of my favorite classic films such as Singin' in the Rain and Indiana Jones!

Honorable Mention: Toy Story Midway Mania

Animal Kingdom Winner: 

Gosh this is hard. For a park without a lot of attractions, it sure is hard to choose a favorite. Honestly though, I think I'm going to have to go with Expedition Everest. I hated this attraction for years, and then two years ago went on it because a couple of my friends wanted to. So I did. I learned I needed to take motion sickness if I ever wanted to go on again, but it has certainly become a must-do on my list each time I go!

Animal Kingdom Runner Up: 

Almost had another tie here, but I'll explain why I didn't. My runner up is Finding Nemo: The Musical. Why? Because I think it's one of the most brilliant things I have ever seen in my life! I am not joking, I absolutely LOVE this musical. I'm not able to see it every time I go, but I will certainly wait in line for a little while to see it! I mean, who can't love Nemo!?! BUT, this was ALMOST a tie with Kilimanjaro Safari. It wasn't and the Safari gets only an honorable mention because I am NOT a fan of the redo of the attraction. When I was growing up you went on a raging mission to save Little Red the baby Elephant. It was an adventure and it was EXCITING! Now there isn't a storyline anymore. You just go see animals, which is still cool in itself, but I really hope parts of the old attraction make their way back!

Honorable Mention: Kilimanjaro Safaris

And that's about it for Volume One of My Favorite Things! Of course, my favorites change all the time (Other than Spaceship Earth, that has been and always will be my favorite). Things come and go, just like Kilimanjaro Safaris did, so I'm sure it will be changing again in the future.

So, if you've been to the parks, what are your favorites? And if you haven't, which attractions sound like the most fun to you!?!

Here's today's Disney History: 1955: The Casey Jr. Circus Train (based on that train of the same name from the 1941 picture, Dumbo) debuts at Disneyland. Located in the back of Fantasyland next to Dumbo, the train was to open with the rest of the park on July 17, but it wasn't operating properly.

Have a magical day!