Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 199: The First 24 Hours

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the night BEFORE your trip, but I feel like it's just as important to talk about the night AFTER! I mean, as exciting and amazing as the night before was, the night after is just absolutely depressing. Honestly half of us probably lay in our beds crying our hearts out because our room doesn't smell like a Disney Resort, and then, in those first 24 hours, we feel like doing absolutely nothing because it just doesn't compare to anything we did at Disney. But at the same time, we want to try and find things that remind us of our home, with limited success.

In my first 24 hours after I got home from Florida, I did most of what I just talked about. I got home late in the evening, so my first 24 hours was started mostly by sleeping. Luckily, as soon as I get home it means I get to see my cat, which is always great. I mean, isn't she just adorable?

Not the greatest quality, I know, but I took it as soon as I got home. It's like the first picture I took that wasn't something on my vacation (because yes, the flight home counts too!). She's normally mad at me for like ten minutes and then follows me around the house obsessively to make sure I won't leave again.

Generally I unpack right away, because everything smells like Disney and I love Disney...and a bunch of stuff I bought is in there, so of course I want to open it and get it all out! I kind of put some of it away, make a pile of everything I bought, and just kind of go from there. My clothes go in the laundry, and my pillow and blanket go on my bed.

Normally I stay at Old Key West, and that means that no matter how many airplanes my pillow was on the way home, it still smells like my wonderful home resort. Sadly for me this time, Bay Lake Tower wasn't quite as strong (then again I was there for three less days too!), so my pillow just smelt like airplane. But don't fear, my blanket still smelled like the wonderful Bay Lake Tower. (And as of the beginning of August, it's still faintly there because I don't touch it for anything other to smell it, and then I fold it back up).

But what else happens in those first 24 hours? Lots of nothing actually. I think I spent a large portion of mine just laying on my bed doing absolutely nothing because I couldn't figure out what it was I wanted to do. My brother had Epcot music playing through the entire house (ok, I gave him the idea). It's just that when you leave Disney...everything else seems so...boring and awful.

Probably because it is compared to the awesomeness that is Walt Disney World.

Here's today's Disney History: 1965: Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln opens to the public (the day after its official dedication) at the new and specially constructed Opera House on Main Street USA at Disneyland.

Have a magical day!