Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 193: Magic Everywhere

It's funny because as I write this (on July 27), I was just working on the same topic as you'll see in the video...the band trip. Now, I'm still on a mission to convince my band director that we should stay on property, so I was working on some pricing and basic research on the internet today. In the video, I did a bit of onsite research, heading over to Disney's All Star Music Resort to see it with my own two eyes.

And you know what, I'm now more convinced than ever that I need to convince him of staying there. Why? Well because of the simple magic of course.

I may have talked about this a bit previously, but staying on Disney Property is just an entire part of the experience. At Walt Disney World, there truly is magic everywhere, and by staying off property you miss out on a lot of it!

For instance, at the All Star Music Resort, you are surrounded by giant instruments and icons, from Maracas in the Calypso section, giant jazz instruments in the Jazz section, and giant cowboy boots for Country all the way to buildings that are themed as radios. And I do say it in my video below: the buildings are radios people! How cool is that?!? Plus, you have the pools, both themed to instruments, as a guitar and a piano. And you know what? They're HUGE! Much bigger than a pool at any other regular hotel! Plus, every night there's a movie on a giant screen, and there's activities all day long! And fianlly, you're so much closer to all the magic that awaits in the Disney parks!

On this trip, staying at the Contemporary was a great time! I mean, Bay Lake Tower is right there in the middle of everything! Sure, not everyone gets to stay on the 16th floor and casually walk out to the observation deck whenever they want, but it is another magical experience I can add to my book. And there are things available to everyone at the resort too, and those just visiting! Like the Electrical Water Pageant you'll see in one of my later vlogs. There's the fact that the monorail goes right THROUGH the Contemporary, which for those seeing it for the first time, is pretty cool (I've seen it how many times and still think it's cool!). And my favorite from this trip, Disney Trivia! Each and every day there was Disney trivia at the resort, and that certainly added a little extra magic to my trip.

So in the end, I see now for sure that I have to convince him to stay on property. It's going to be a great experience for everyone because staying at Disney is something you may never have the chance to do again in your life! And it's certainly an experience you won't find anywhere else on earth (well...unless you stay at Disneyland!) That alone is why we should stay there! The fact that it's a great experience unlike anything else!

To watch my full adventures from the fourth day of my trip, watch my daily vlog below!

Here's today's Disney History: 1985: Richard Buckminster Fuller - visionary, designer, architect, futurist, and inventor - is born in Milton, Massachusetts. It is widely believed he developed and named the geodesic dome first. More than 500,000 geodesic domes have been built around the world, including the 265-foot wide Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Fuller actually coined the phrase Spaceship Earth to express concern over the use of limited resources available on our planet. 

Have a magical day!

Note: This blog post was written on July 27, after my actual trip, due to editing and time restrictions.