Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 203: Full House

Now, if you do know me in real life and not just through the internet, you'll know that lately I've had a serious obsession with something that isn't exactly Disney. No, it isn't Universal or anything terrible like that. Actually, it's Full House.

My best friend and I found the first two entire seasons of the show on sale at Target, and so it began. Now I have all eight seasons, and am currently just finishing Season 6 (there's 8 total). Yes, it's probably very unhealthy for me to sit around and watch Full House all day, but you just get to watching and all of a sudden it's like you can't stop and then you watched a whole season in a day. (Ok, maybe not a WHOLE season in ONE day...but two? Maybe).

But you see, the entire time I've been watching, I've been looking forward to one thing and one thing only. Ok, two. Or three. First I was looking to the cutting of Jesse's hair. That mullet style in Season One just needed to go. Thank you Steph! Two, I couldn't wait for Michelle to start talking. She's just absolutely adorable. But three, and the most important of them all, is the Disney episodes that take place at the end of season 6!

I saw them on TV  really long time ago. Full House is on Nick @ Nite sometimes, and that's about all I watch on that channel...the old TV shows like Full House and Family Matters and Home Improvement, if any of those are still on there today (I honestly have no clue). But like I said, I saw the episodes a while back, and couldn't wait to watch them again now, especially since I had grown with the family and totally understood what was going on.

It's very easy for me to say that now, having watched them again, they are totally two of my absolute favorite episodes (and that's a tough list to get on to. The other's all pretty much are the ones where Jesse cries because they're just the best ones for some reason. They always make me cry).

I love the entire show, but this was just awesome! I mean, as if going to Disney isn't awesome enough, they go to the Grand Floridian, and Epcot is like the first thing you see (SPACESHIP EARTH), and you go to the other parks too! It's just super great! And I don't want to spoil what happens if you haven't seen it (BECAUSE YOU SHOULD GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW), but it all ends with a Jesse and the Rippers Concert on the Stage in Front of the Castle...WITH FIREWORKS.

What I would give to have been there (hard to do since I wasn't even born yet...sigh).

Here's today's Disney History: 1994: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction opens on Sunset Boulevard at Disney World's Disney-MGM Studios. A simulated freefall thrill ride, it is themed after the popular television series, The Twilight Zone, hosted and created by Rod Serling.

Have a magical day!