Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 209: Star Wars Celebration

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you already know that I love Star Wars, and if you're not, you know now! Back in May when Star Wars Weekends were going on, I did several posts about that, but there's one piece that doesn't always come during the month of May! And that something is Star Wars Celebration!

This year in Germany, the Star Wars Celebration is a convention for everything Star Wars. Kind of like ComicCon or VidCon...only JUST Star Wars. And that means that it's AMAZING. Sadly, I live even further from Germany than the location of the last Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, so I obviously wasn't able to attend. But I did get to see some pictures and I followed the news like a Hawk, so here's the basic rundown of everything I felt was super important from Star Wars Celebration Europe!


Now, you must really live in a hole or be out of the loop if you missed this one. That's right, John Williams has officially signed on to compose the score for ALL THREE of the new Star Wars films, started in 2015! This is great news because it means one of my three requirements for the new films has been fulfilled (the others are Harrison Ford and Han Solo MUST NOT DIE).

So, in celebration, watch John Williams is the Man, because we all know it to be true.

2. The New Movies aren't going to be like the prequels.

I think this is great news, although I guess what I just said can't really be confirmed. Either way, the basic idea is that the new films are going to use a mix of Real Locations and Models along WITH Digital stuff. I mean, I think it really shows in the difference between the originals and the prequels. The originals looked great even without all the crazy graphics because they used real places and real things to make it work! The prequels just looked really fake to me. Like it's said there isn't one shot in all of the prequels that doesn't use a blue-screen. That's just terrible right there.

3. The Next One is in 2015 in Anaheim! 

That's right, Star Wars Celebration is headed to the home of other great conventions such as D23 and Vidcon! Hopefully in the future I'll be able to make it to all of them...just probably not all in one year. You'll hear more about D23 in the coming weeks too! But either way, Star Wars Celebration is moving out to the Disneyland area for a convention just before the anticipated release of Episode 7. Who else wants to go?!?! (This is where I start begging for people to take me with them!)

Oh, and they announced a couple of other things, like a TV show called Star Wars Rebels. Not much on it yet, but I'm not sure if I'm excited or not. Honestly it has to include Han Solo for me to be excited. One thing that came out of the last Star Wars Celebration that looks like it will never happen is Star Wars Detours. It looked like such a great idea and I'm really sad it will never come to be! 

Here's today's Disney History: 1998: Disney's first cruise ship, The Magic, is christened by Patricia Disney (Roy E. Disney's Wife) in Florida. Built by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, the Disney Magic can hold approximately 2,400 passengers. The ship boasts 10 expansive decks, a total length of 964 feet, a maximum width of 106 feet and an astonishing gross tonnage of 83,000. It will embark on its maiden voyage two days later. 

Have a magical day!