Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 190: Sitting on Top of the World

With our first day of our trip spent at home thanks to weather delays at the airport, we were more than ready to finally get to Disney. Thankfully, we did get there, and dad had a special surprise for us when we finally did.

Generally, as Disney Vacation Club Members, we stay at our home resort, Old Key West, just like we did on our last trip back in November. But sometimes we get a chance to stay at another DVC resort, and this was one of those times. Previously, I've stayed at many of the Disney Resorts, but as far as DVC works, we've been to Bay Lake Tower once, as well as several of the others. We returned this trip to Bay Lake Tower, the perfect mix of convenience, magic, history and, well, Disney.

Although we just had a studio, that doesn't mean our room was bad. In fact it was great. A little small for our family that is used to having the space of a one bedroom at Old Key West, but still great. But that isn't the best part. My brother loves the Contemporary Resort, a lot. I love it myself, but when my dad got in early, we weren't sure what floor we were actually going to get. Jonny (my brother) always likes the highest floor possible, so when my dad did finally get there late the night before we did, he just simply said "The Higher the Better."

Well, I'll tell you something. We couldn't get any higher. We ended up staying on the 16th floor. If you know Disney, and you know Bay Lake Tower, you will know that there aren't many rooms on that floor, nor is it a floor just anyone can get on to. Up on the top floor there's a lounge and observation deck that's popular for watching the Magic Kingdom Fireworks each night. And so, in order to access the "Top of the World," you need to be a DVC member staying at any DVC Resort on DVC Points. We were certainly doing that...and as soon as we got there I was able to see this spectacular view:

I can honestly say I spent a lot of time "on top of the world," and the song playing the entire trip on the Weather Channel fit right along with it. "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons. Take a listen below. 

Staying up on the 16th floor was a great experience, similar to the chance I had on our trip to Disneyland to stay on a upper floor of Paradise Pier and being upgraded to a park view room, enabling me to see my absolute favorite attraction there, World of Color, twice a night. 

Now magical experiences like this don't happen to everyone, but I think that the number I've had in my time certainly makes it obvious that it does happen, and often. Disney World is a wonderful place, and you'll see me say it time and time again over the next week of posts. It is unlike anywhere else on this planet. 

For my complete First Day Experience (including the walk from the Contemporary to the Top of the World and the sunset over Magic Kingdom!) watch my vlog below!

Here's today's Disney History: 1956: Actor Tom Hanks, the voice of Sheriff Woody for Disney/Pixar's Toy Story films, is born in Concord, California. In 2013, he portrayed Walt Disney in the film Saving Mr. Banks (more on this next week!)

Have a magical day!

Note: This blog post was written on July 19, after my actual trip was completed, due to obvious reasons.