Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 208: Still Thinking

You know, over the past few weeks I've been really behind in my blog, but I'm not giving up. Whenever I miss a bunch of days I just go back and write them based on what happened on that day! So in other words, it's still that day's Disney, I just didn't write it until later.

But at the same time, this job requires a heck of a lot of thinking. I mean, to go back a number of weeks and think about "what happened today?" can take some time. Actually, what I do is make a list of all the days I missed and go through and write ideas, normally the title for each blog post, and then write them in order based on what happened. I use the dates and days of the week a lot to try and figure out when I did what, and it doesn't always work out exactly, but normally it's pretty close.

For instance, there are still a couple of posts I need to write from my trip to Disney, because I haven't gotten the daily video done for those days yet, and I don't want to post the blog for that day without the complete video! Of course, those videos take me about two-four hours to edit, and then another while to save to the computer, and then 10+ hours to upload to Youtube (yes, my internet is that slow. Sometimes I wish I could live at Google where you can upload in like minutes). It takes forever, and I mean, you can only edit so much in one day. I try to keep it to two videos per day, but I have a feeling that I'm going to have to double up soon because this is getting ridiculous.

And then there are the days that I have pictures that go along with it. I have an Instagram, which you can find on the left sidebar, and I do encourage you to follow me there because I do post a lot of Disney stuff, where I post pictures of a lot of the things I'm talking about. Or there's those days when I just randomly take a picture of something or another that goes along with a blog post for a specific day. If I miss that day, then I have to go back and find the picture that goes along with it, and even when I don't miss the day, that picture thing means sending it in an email from my phone to my Yahoo, saving the picture and then reuploading it to Blogger!

Honestly, the entire process of keeping this blog takes a little bit longer than I really should be spending...then again, if I did just blog each and every day like it's intended, then maybe I wouldn't have such a problem...still, it's a great addition to my hobbies, and I love this blog like no other! I'm pretty sure I couldn't live without it! But as I've said multiple times in the past few weeks, that's a story for the end of the year!

Here's today's Disney History: 2011: Jennings Osborne, the creator of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, passes away at the age of 67 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Known as the man with the dazzling lights outside his home in Arkansas, and each year at Christmas time at Disney World, Osborne was a successful businessman and self-made millionaire who started a medical research facility with his wife in 1968. A holiday tradition at WDW, Osborne first lit up Residential Street at Disney-MGM Studios back in November 1995.

Have a magical day!