Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 191: Water, Water Everywhere!

Day two of my Disney trip, and a brand new experience for the whole family.

My brother, for a long time, or at least ever since his first trip to Typhoon Lagoon around 7 years ago, has always wanted to visit both of the Disney waterparks in one day. What this might have to do with his strange fascination with River Country, I have no clue, but this has always been a difficult one. It seems that when my family dreams, we don't dream small (I mean, I've always wanted to go to Disney World with the band...and that almost didn't, or might not, happen!).

You see, my family goes to Disney during the winter, because of the cooler temps and better schedule for us since my dad runs a farm equipment dealership. And in the winter, they always have one of the two waterparks down for refurb, and then they close the other and switch. That means there's always one open, but they're never both open when we're there. BUT, since we went down in the summer, it meant that we could go to both of them in one day, and why not since we have the premium annual pass! So it doesn't cost us anything extra!

We started the morning at Blizzard Beach. I'm not as huge of a fan of this one, although it is the waterpark I went to first as a kid. I think I went for the first time when I was about 5. It's a little different seeing it from the point of view I have now, but I did enjoy my time there.

But then we went to Typhoon Lagoon, which is my favorite of the Disney WaterParks. I mean, you just can't beat the wave pool there. It is the world's largest outdoor wavepool. In fact, the Disney WaterParks hold a lot of records, and that's pretty cool too.

To finish off the day we went to the Poly for sushi at Kona, which is always a great experience. I Disneybounded as Donald, but I don't really have a full picture of it (I was kind of bad at Disneybounding pictures on this trip...even though I did Disneybound several times, as you will see throughout the trip).

To see the complete day at Disney, watch the vlog below!

Here's today's Disney History: 1987: Disney's The Brave Little Toaster is released in theaters. Set in a world where household appliances and other electronics have the ability to speak and move, pretending to be lifeless in the presence of humans, the story focuses on five appliances, a toaster, a desk lamp, an electric blanket, a vacuum tube radio and a vacuum cleaner, who go on a quest to search for their original owner. 

Have a magical day!