Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 185: A Tribute to All Nations, But Mostly America!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! And if you are reading this and you aren't for America...well, I hope you enjoy your did enjoy your National "Day" too! I know Canada Day was just the other day (I celebrated!).

But you see, a lot of this holiday reminds me of Disney. In fact, exactly two years ago I was at Disney, and specifically I saw the fireworks at Epcot on this day in 2011. I was down there for the National FBLA Convention, and my mom and I stayed through the holiday. So that means that I've technically spent two different holidays at Disney. The Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. Then again, my birthday is coming up too, so if that counts as a holiday then make it three.

I love the fireworks at Disney on the fourth, or in this year's case, during the entire week of the fourth. Those lucky enough to be at Disney right now have huge firework shows each and every night. I miss them my one day. ONE DAY. That's right. They end the 7th and I get there on the 8th. Then again, I probably wouldn't get to see them anyway because our flight gets in so late, but STILL!

I'm actually spending most of my day working on stuff for Florida and for my Graduation party this Saturday.  It's turning out to be quite the work, but that's alright. Either way, I do love working on videos, and that's what I'm doing right now, so I'm all good. Plus, only four days until Florida, and that's more than enough reason to be in a great mood.

So, I figured I would share something from Disney and the Muppets, because, as Sam Eagle does say, it's a tribute to all nations, but mostly America.

And here's today's Disney History: 2011: The night skies over Walt Disney World Resort light up with special patriotic pyrotechnic shows on this Independence Day. At Epcot, sky-watchers check out "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth" enhanced by "The Heartbeat of Freedom," an overture of traditional Americana themes displayed in a pyrotechnic and laser light event. (That's what I saw!)

Have a magical Fourth of July!