Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 206: Mail Call!

You know what's the most exciting thing to happen after you get back from Walt Disney World?

Come on, think about it.

That's right! Getting your package with all the stuff you bought in the World of Disney Store that you had to ship home because you knew it wouldn't fit in your suitcase!!!!

Similarly to how I was acting before my bows came a number of weeks ago, I asked my dad pretty much every day if there was a package from Disney. Of course, finally, he said yes, and I ran out to the truck to get it. Honestly, it was pretty darn heavy. And it should be, for all the stuff that I bought from Disney World!!!

So here's a basic rundown of everything I bought:

This picture here shows everything I got (other than the chopsticks that I apparently forgot to put in the picture!). I have a wide variety of stuff, and a lot of it will be coming with me to college this fall too! Of course, there are a few new additions to my collections as well! Things that I already covered in my Disney Collection series that you're just going to have to see now!

Here you can see some of my favorite items that I bought. On the top left is the newest addition to my mug collection, a 2013 mug! I loved how the handle was the three, plus it's the year I graduate, so it just has to happen! Next to it is one of the two newest additions to my Larry Dotson Print Collection that Hangs proudly on my wall. There will be a Disney Collection post specifically on it in the future, but I did get two new ones this trip that you can see in that giant picture, one of the Haunted Mansion and one of Hollywood Studios. Oh, and did I mention I got to meet him a second time!?! In the middle we have my new magnets, both ticket magnets and attraction poster magnets to satisfy the Vintage Disney Lover in me! And on the bottom we have my new shirt that I absolutely love! It describes my life perfectly! And then I got some stuff for my dorm room in the kitchen supplies area of the World of Disney, meaning a set of cups, bowls, plates and a tray, as well as some dish towels!

But that's not all I bought!! In this one on the top left you can see my new Han Solo in Carbonate bank. I saw in the in the Tatooine Traders store and was just like "MINE" and then I bought it. Like seriously, I love it a lot. In the middle you can see the four new pins I got. You can kind of sense a theme going on (Epcot 30), and then I got the Happy Birthday pin because I spent my birthday there so obviously I needed that too. And on the top right is the newest addition to my Vinylmation collection! Mr. Lincoln from Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is a member of the Park Stars Series, which I thought was adorable, so it just had to happen. It turned out great too because Lincoln is one of my role models in life! And down below you can see some of the other things I got, including two Disney board games (Candyland and Haunted Mansion Life), a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pillow for my dorm, one of those Old Key West bags that are pretty new, a new phone cover and, luckily for me, Chip and Dale as Ewoks and a New Jedi Mickey leftover from Star Wars Weekends! And if you look closely you might be able to spot the Graduation 2013 Mickey Ears I managed to snag too!

Overall, I'm SUPER Happy with everything I got! One can never have TOO much Disney! You'll actually see a lot of this in my dorm room when I move in too, because you know there will be plenty of Disney taking place in that room, and a lot of this stuff will be heading there with me! 

Here's today's Disney History: 2003: The Disney Institute, a resort located at Walt Disney World, officially closes after 7 years in operation. A vacation and learning center open since 1996, it was a pet project of Disney CEO Michael Eisner who saw it as a way for families to learn and play together. Although the Disney Institute as a program still exists today, the actual resort was later developed into a Disney Vacation Club property named the Saratoga Springs Resort. 

Have a magical day!