Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 192: My Kind of People

Now, I noticed this throughout the entire trip, but this just happens to be the day I'm talking about it. You know how at the end of every single post on this blog, I end with "Have a magical day?" Well, it's one of my common phrases. I've had a phone for a year and a half now, but if I do ever get around to making a message for my voicemail, I'm sure it will end with that as well. I say to people once and a while, but not all the time. Mostly just with people that I don't see like everyday.

But that's somewhat beside the point. The basic idea is, I use the phrase, and none of my friends do. It's like foreign to them. At Disney, it seems to me that cast members use the phrase all the time. In fact, most people who go to Disney a lot do. We're just a "Type" I guess you could say.

I remember how on the Band Trip to Mackinaw Island, the owner of the Grand Hotel exclaimed to us that she was excited for our visit because we were a "different breed" of students compared to those that come for field trips and stays during the school year. Now, honestly, to this day, I can admit that I wouldn't call us a "different breed" as much as I would call us just hard working, dedicated people. Of course, we love to have our fun too, but we're going to be respectful and so on and so forth. So I suppose she was right.

The same can be applied to those of us who are huge Disney fans. We are simply a "different breed" of people. The pins on Pinterest surely showcase that fact. I mean, we, as Disney fans, will give anything for another trip to Disney, we don't throw away our napkins from ten years ago because they're "Disney Napkins," we become irrationally excited about a Disney Movie Marathon, sing Disney songs in inappropriate places and at inappropriate times, know that just because we wear mouse ears, ride in elephants, fly on magic carpets and cry when we see fireworks doesn't make us weird, but makes everyone else seem boring, and, my personal favorite, some people do drugs, we go to Disney. You see? These "truths," such as those I have featured on my "Disney Truths" board on Pinterest are universal facts to us, but completely confusing to the rest of the world.

I suppose you could argue that Disney is just like any other hobby, but I disagree there too. We truly are different, and we're better because of it. Just look at the world around you. Are you more positive because of Disney? Do you greet people with a smile on your face? When you're pointing to something do you use two fingers? Are you kind and considerate, or at least try to be? Do you dream up impossible things that will eventually become reality?

I can't say that I represent all of these facts myself, but when I was at Disney this past trip, I noticed that more than ever I felt like a member of the family. I was in my element there. It's my home, and I can't wait for the day that I become a Disney Cast Member so everyone there WILL be my family. Granted, I'm certainly not going to know every Cast Member, but the point still stands.

Oh, and if you're wondering, when I do become a Cast Member, I will always wish you a magical day!

For the complete adventures of my third day of Disney, you can watch below!

Here's today's Disney History: 1984: Nearly 400 cast members stand before Sleeping Beauty Castle to celebrate Disneyland's 30th Anniversary - a year early. The Cast Members have volunteered their time on this day to be photographed as part of a marketing campaign to publicize the milestone anniversary. 

Have a magical day!

Note: This blog post was written on July 26, after my actual trip was completed, due to editing and time restrictions.