Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 204: Disney Depression: For Real

Remember a long time ago when I talked about ODD (Obsessive Disney Disorder)? Or how, just a couple of weeks ago I talked about DSA (Disney Sleep Apnea)? Yeah, here's where they really come into play.

You see, it has been a week since I was graced with the presence of Walt Disney World...not that it left. I'm the one that left it. And that first week (and every week after until your next trip) is the absolute hardest week in the world. It's like when you break up with someone and then you are in this like depression and such...yeah...happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Well, for the past week, that's what I've been living in, and quite honestly, once you read the rest of this post you're going to be like "Wow...she's nuts." Probably because I am, but hey! I miss Disney. What is one really supposed to do when you're in the middle of what I call, "Disney Depression."

1. Listen to Disney Music: This seems to be a solution for just about every Disney problem (not that there are many of those!). But hey, for half of the last week my brother and I had Disney music (Epcot Specifically) playing through the speakers of the Entire house. And whenever I drive somewhere, either Wishes or On Top of the World (see that blog post from the first day of my trip) playing on repeat.

2. Smell Disney Smells: I can honestly say that my blanket still smells like Bay Lake Tower. Yes, I've had it sitting on the side of my bed folded up for the last week. Other than at night right before I go to bed. Then  unfold it and smell the inside...Bay Lake Tower. This is obviously in relation to when I normally stay at Old Key West and then EVERYTHING smells like Old Key West. My pillows, blanket, clothes, me. The list goes on.

3. Distract Oneself: Basically, there isn't anything better than just trying to distract yourself, because as you will read in a moment, you need to be distracted. I personally have been watching Full House almost nonstop. I have watched almost a season and a half this week...although part of that might have to do with the fact that at the end of Season 6 they go to Disney World.

But you see, no matter what you do, Disney Depression is still going to sit in. Don't believe me, here's how it works out, and the next time you return from Disney you can compare your own life to this list:

1. First, when you are leaving, you get real sad, and wonder if there is anyway on the planet that you could stay there for more time. Like maybe your flight would be canceled and you could stay there another night because the next flight isn't until the next day. Sadly, that doesn't work, and then you sit on the plane listening to Disney music until you cry.

2. When you do finally make it home, the entire first day you are home is spent sulking. Since the extreme excitement of Disney has left your life, you don't feel like doing anything. There just doesn't seem to be any other point in life.

3. After that first day you seem to be getting better. Don't believe it. For the remainder of the first week you will think about Disney like it is a lost boy or girlfriend. Everything will remind you of Disney. EVERYTHING. The food you eat, the places you go, the people you talk with. Everything will bring a memory. Oh, and you'll want to talk to everyone about Disney for a large portion of this time too.

4. But then, something happens...You no longer want to hear about the new Limited Time Magic or what's happening in the Disney Parks this month because, well, you just won't be there to see it. Disney Movies seem fun...and if you shipped stuff home, your purchases from Disney arrive, so that's exciting, but other than that, you want nothing to do with Disney.

5. Still, like any good "stage of your life," you all of a sudden want to hear EVERYTHING about Disney. What's going on in the parks, what's the new merchandise and so on and so forth. It all seems so interesting, and exciting. Too bad you still won't be there for any of it.This is generally the time you spend thinking about what you'll want to do on your next vacation.

6. Everything, finally, goes back to normal. You continue your regular life, which for those of us who are Disney fans, means we continue to eat, sleep and dream Disney. It never really ends. Eventually you'll book another trip and get super excited about it and start counting the days down from 300, but hey, why not? Disney is just sitting there, waiting for you to return. Ok...maybe not. Maybe it's you just staring at the computer waiting to return to Disney.

I will say though that I absolutely hate Disney Depression. Now, it certainly doesn't help that this month is Expo month...this last weekend was Comic Con, this weekend is Star Wars Celebration over in Germany, next weekend is Vidcon and the weekend after that is the one all us Disney fans have been waiting for, the D23 Expo. You know, I sure wish I could be there. Honestly I would probably have business cards to spread the word about my blog. Because then maybe someday I could go to such things and have a booth of my own and...excuse me, I'm in between step 4 and step 5 of Disney Depression...so I really probably have no clue what I'm saying anymore.

Here's today's Disney History: 1999: Inspector Gadget, starring Matthew Broderick, debuts. The live-action comedy is produced by Caravan Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures, and distributed by Buena Vista Distribution. Based on the animated cartoon Series, the film will gross $103 million worldwide and spawn a direct-to-video sequel.

Have a magical day!