Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 195: Pictures Galore!

Another day of Disney, another topic to discuss about my latest trip!

This time, we'll do a bit of an update on the Official July '13 Disney Challenge. I'll eventually have a final post to wrap it up, but even now (August 19) I'm still not finished with the last like 6 pictures. I'm SOOOO close to having them done though. And I do plan on finishing them. It's just kind of difficult at the moment because I'm so busy.

Either way, the challenge went over great for this trip, even as it was shorter! It'll probably be my last challenge for a while too because if I do go with Band the next time that will just be a challenge in itself. Still, challenges are ALWAYS fun to do, and this one was especially...other than the fact that I did spend a lot of time on Instagram. Still, it made for a lot of wonderful pictures to go along with my trip!

So I figured that I'd share a collection of the pictures here!

Of course, there are over a hundred pictures just from this trip on my Instagram, so if you'd like to see all of them you can go check there. I haven't posted anywhere near as much since I returned, so even if you're reading this later it shouldn't be hard to find! 

I love taking pictures at Disney, and sure wish I could just spend like a few days taking pictures of things. Like just taking a camera and going from one thing to another. Not necessarily going on anything. Just taking pictures. That would be great. Of course, we all know that's pretty much impossible because I'm never at Disney anywhere near long enough to do something like that. But maybe someday. =)

If you'd like to see the adventures I went on today, you can watch the vlog below! Oh yeah...and this is the one where I freak out about Harrison Ford, so it's pretty entertaining! 

Here's today's Disney History: 1975: The Disney Company announces plans to build an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (or EPCOT) in Florida. 

Have a magical day!

Note: This blog post was written on August 19, after my actual trip, due to obvious reasons.