Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 186: Before You Leave

Now, nothing is more exciting than right before you leave on a Disney vacation. In fact, there are numerous things that we all seem to do right before we jump on that plane or in that car and head off to the most magical place on earth (or happiest, if you're headed to Disneyland!). People always think it's just a joke, but it really happens. The night before, for instance, you better not plan on getting any sleep, because you won't get any!

When I was a kid, there are plenty of things that come to mind when I think of the night before. For instance, I remember how we used to have this old house tent thing, and my brother would sleep inside while I sleep outside in a "Dog house" because I always loved pretending to be the family pet. So I had this little shelf thing that my mom now uses for yarn put up against the wall, and a sleeping bag on the floor between that and the tent. There was a light kind of above my head, which I could turn on and off easily, but there was this one year that I remember staying there right before one of our famous trips to Disney World. All I really remember about it is being super excited, and the fact that I had a dog bowl that I filled the last ten days before the trip. The basis was this. I had a bunch of beads that I used to pretend were "dog food," so the last week before my trip, each night before bed I would add ten similar beads to the dish. By the end there were a hundred beads, and the last day was like stars or something. Honestly, thinking back, it makes absolutely no sense, but hey, I was excited! I was also probably about ten.

But just because I'm not ten anymore doesn't mean I don't get excited. In fact, recently I've been doing countdowns (that make more sense), for my whole family to see. Last trip (November 2012) I put Mickey Mouse heads with numbers on the fridge. It was funny because right after I finished putting them back up our fridge broke and we had to get a new I had to move them all. Everyday we'd pull one off. And this trip I've been doing a paper chain, although I keep forgetting to take them off so I guess you could say it isn't going well.

And everytime I think about an upcoming trip, I get this like super excited feeling in me, and then I do this flail thing. It probably looks kind of funny, but that's why I only do it right before bed...unless I really can't contain my excitement. It's been that way ever since I was a kid, in which I had the pleasure of growing up with the adorable Disney Parks promotional ads with the kids too excited to sleep. Like this one!

This one, called Voice of Experience, is my personal favorite. It's on one of the old Disney VHS tapes that I have (or hopefully still have!) It's just absolutely adorable!!

It can't get much cuter than that? I mean, ok, and really, honestly, how many of us pack three weeks ahead of time (this is where I would raise my hand. If I could, I would!). 

In other words, the night before you leave for Disney is just...interesting! I mean, you spend most of it with Disney Sleep Apnea, or the official name for not being able to sleep because of excitement about your upcoming Disney trip. You don't have to worry about being packed because you have been for weeks, and your countdown is at 0. It's a great time, it really is. 

If only it would come around more often!

Here's today's Disney History: 1988: Epcot's Maelstrom, at the recently opened Norway Pavilion, opens to guests. Visitors ride boats that are patterned after Viking ships and pass through various scenes with audio-animatronic figures. 

Have a magical day!