Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 48: True Love Week

As Valentine's Week wraps up at the Disney Parks, I have to comment on some of the limited time magic that was present.

Now, I have no idea about you, but I am very jealous of Rapunzel. Who wouldn't want to marry Flynn Rider? And secondly, I'm quite angry that we never get to meet any of the Princes in the parks...specifically since Flynn was taken out and left Rapunzel alone for her meet and greet.

But for true love week he was back, as were the rest of the Disney Princes, each seen with their Princess. The only ones that I really see around anywhere but in the parade, at least at Disney World, would be Naveen, Aladdin, and Charming...that's it..well, other than the Beast. No Flynn, no Eric, no Phillip. WHY!?!

I think this brings us back to a link I shared this past week, and here it is again. It's a letter from a little boy to Disney Cruise Line, expressing how disappointing it was that he wasn't able to meet many of the boy characters he loves...but yet you can meet any Princess you like. Why is it like that? If you ask me, Flynn Rider is more awesome than any of the why isn't he in the parks regularly?

What's your opinion on this? Should the Princes be visible in the parks for more than just a parade. Should they always appear with their Princess?

Here's today's Disney History: 2009: Walt Disney World Resort welcomes a black and white colobus monkey - the first of its species born at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Have a magical day!