Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 52: Disney News

I follow a myriad of different blogs about Disney. Like...a lot of them. I put them all through my blogger account and everyday I scroll through the long list of new entries, and I'm always amazed at the variety of topics.

For instance, today's news consists of a patent for a floating omnimover attraction, the increased discussion of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill returning for Star Wars, An Imaginer's view on the new Test Track, Oz the Great and Powerful, The otters at Animal Kingdom and new Hidden Mickey Pins. There's always something new and interesting.

I made it a plan this year to try and keep up with Disney news. Last year I'd eventually hear about things, but this year I seem to be pretty much on top of everything. I know what's going on pretty much all the time. Maybe it's because my Disney trip this year occurs in July, which isn't as far off as it seems, but still! Or maybe it's because I write a daily blog about Disney and there are somedays that I just need to add a little more Disney to my life. I have no clue, but watching Disney news is fun. I'd be completely ok if there were a TV show just for news about Disney.

Here's a selection of great blogs to follow:

Disney by Mark
The Disney Parks Blog
The Disney Blog

And here's today's Disney History: 1997: The very first Star Wars Weekend ever debuts at Disney-MGM Studios in Florida. They will be held for the next 5 consecutive weekends. Although a success in 1997, Star Wars Weekends won't be held again until 2000.

Have a magical day!