Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 38: Frankenweenie

Tonight I decided was a movie night, and my brother joined me in watching Frankenweenie. My mom gave me this movie this week so it was kind of obvious that I should watch it.

I have to say, I've always been a semi-fan of Tim Burton. It's not really my favorite genre, but this was a really cute movie. Maybe it's just because it has a dog, but still!

The beginning of the movie was so darn sad. I mean, the dog dies! SPARKY DIES! Granted, I'm sure you figured that out from the cover of the movie, but it still is very sad. I won't tell you how he dies can watch it for yourself. But I think one of my favorite moments was Colossus. That's all I'm going to say about that was watch it!

This movie was originally based off of a Tim Burton short from many years ago, which up until I wrote this blog post, I had no idea that's where the idea came from. I do think it's an adorable take on the idea of Frankenstein, the fact that it's a dog and not a human. Oh...and Martin Short does some of the voicing...that automatically makes this movie awesome.

Here's today's Disney History:  2006: Bambi II is released direct-to-DVD and VHS in the U.S.

Have a magical day!