Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 56: Out on the Test Track

Continuing our current theme of sorts of Epcot Future World Attractions, I take you to Test Track.

No, not the new one that I refuse to look at until I head to Disney in July, but the old version...the one I grew up with. As excited as I am to try out Version 2.0, I'm certainly going to miss the old humor that came with the original Test Track, and the traditions my family always had riding it.

But the reason it's the part of the blog today is actually my Physics class. Today we watched a video on car crashes and the physics that go with them. It was a nice little video, but of course, I found that I had already either seen or knew most of what was in the video, and it explains why I understand Physics compared to other math I've taken throughout High School.

There was one part of the video that I almost laughed too. If you have walked through the queue for the previous version of Test Track sometime in your life, you would have seen something like this, or rather, this:

It's a test used to measure the impact of an object hitting the chest of a "human," in this case a test dummy. In today's video they used this same test to explain the different types of Energy, and everyone in my class was in awe of the impact on the test dummy. I of course just sat there and watched as I had previously, relishing in the connection to Disney. It turns out we do learn quite a bit just standing in line! 

Now I just have to wait until July to try out 2.0 for myself!

Here's Today's Disney History: 2012: Walt Disney Imagineering and cast members at Disney California Adventure bury a time capsule, containing items specific to the park, in Buena Vista Plaza. It is to be opened by Disneyland Resort cast members in 2037. 

Have a magical day!