Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 53: Directing

Tonight was an interesting, nerve-wrecking and exciting night. My band director was out of town, and since my high school's boy's basketball team is in the playoffs, it meant that we, as a band, should be at the game. We have another game tomorrow that we're not playing at, but that's a whole different story. Either way, he wasn't around, and that meant that I, as drum major, got to direct. I've never really directed pep band before, other than the national anthem a couple of weeks ago, and my directing in the fall, so I really was only going off of one rehearsal with the band and the things I've seen my director do in the past four years.

But I have to say, it went well. Very well. Now, how does this relate to Disney? I really don't know, but I guess it is kind of like what I'm talking about in my memoir. Through Disney I've been given examples of great leadership, and I'm able to take those examples and develop them into my own skills for instances such as band. Three and a half years ago I wouldn't have ever thought I'd be band president one day, but here I am in that position, and I wanted it!

I remember very early freshman year when we voted for band council. It was me against one of my friends for freshman representative and I won by a couple of points. It was a close race, if you can really call it that, but it started me on my way towards where I am today. Since then I've been Treasurer, Vice President and now President and Drum Major, and I've worked a lot to get where I am. I still have lots of challenges that are thrown my way, like the whole thing with Disney that I talked about way back on Day 3 of this blog, but I really do enjoy what I do.

Plus, our team won tonight's that helps too. =)

Here's today's Disney History: 2001: At Disney World, at bird's nest catches on fire on top of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority attraction, forcing the ride to close for a short time. People on board the ride are evacuated as a precaution and no one is injured.

Have a magical day!