Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 36: Touring

Today I went on a couple of tours of local businesses with my FBLA Chapter because, guess what...It's FBLA week! We toured a local YMCA and a performance venue, but here's the funny part. Originally I wasn't going to be going on these tours, but the other day my friend decided that she could indeed miss her Calc class and that we would be able to go. So we went, and there were signs all over that I should be there, which I was!

For instance, while at the YMCA, there was a commercial on one of the TV's and it was something Disney. All I know is that I glanced in that direction and then was like "Wait...Did I just see Mickey Mouse?" My best friend and teacher both laughed because they saw it too. I really do feel it was the first sign.

Then, later when we were at the performance venue there was more evidence...and this time I have pictures!

As we were waiting in the lobby to go on our tours, we started seeing commercials on a giant screen for Disney on Ice, which is headed to my area and that venue in just a couple of weeks. It was just very interesting that it was there, and while it's something they probably run almost all of the time within a month or two of the show, it was still funny that I was there at the time. 

Also, on the giant TV was an ad for our local hockey team, and on this ad was a kid...he had a lightsaber and later tried to force choke some people. Is it coincidence that his lightsaber is green and so is mine? I think not!

And then, as we toured backstage I kept commenting on how much their backstage area looked like the Utilidors at Disney. I can't say much more, but it really did look a lot like it. Of course, I then had to explain to a whole bunch of people about what the Utilidors are and how these hallways resembled them. 

To round out my day I made a trip to the grocery store, for bubbles, Dr. Pepper and a snack for musical practice. Of course, while searching for bubbles my friend found these...

I'm not sure why you'd want premium Disney Cotton Swabs, but maybe if you really love Disney that much. I'd buy them, but I feel like I wouldn't use them because they're Disney and I'd want to keep them. So I didn't buy any. 

Here's today's Disney History: 2000: The Disney Channel Original Movie "The Color of Friendship," based on a true story about the friendship between two girls from different worlds who learn to overcome their differences, debuts. It will earn an Emmy Award. 

Have a magical day!