Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 51: The Great Movie Ride

This morning, after reading my Newsletter, I grew quite jealous that Tables in Wonderland is offering a dinner inside the Great Movie Ride. While it isn't my favorite attraction, it is one that I would love to work at, and plus..who doesn't want to eat dinner IN a Disney attraction?

So I ended up telling my friend pretty much the entire "plotline" of The Great Movie Ride, and then realized that it would make a great post. I told her about the two "guides" and how that works, and how I wouldn't want to be the cowgirl/gangster because they have to face alien, and I wouldn't exactly be fond of that. Ever since I was a little kid I was terrified of that part of the ride, and hated it up until a few years ago when I realized the connections to Star Wars and Indy (not that Indy wasn't my favorite part of the attraction before...).

Anyway, I had to look up some of the history on this attraction for this post, since, as I said, it's not exactly my favorite attraction. But As I was researching...I realized my entire life is a lie.

There's a prop from the Millennium Falcon IN THE QUEUE! How did I not know this?!? HOW!?! HARRISON FORD TOUCHED THAT!


Anyways, The great movie ride. I think my favorite part of the history from the attraction, or at least the coolest fact, is the idea that the plane in Casablanca is split in half, and the back portion can be found along the river in The Jungle Cruise. I thought it was so interesting. Also, of all the movies, none of them are produced by Universal...not one. 

There's a lot that goes into the Great Movie Ride, and while I personally still wish it was the icon of the park (can they cover it up any more? The hat...the giant stage?), it is a great attraction. Plus, it's filled with Harrison Ford and Disney things...which just ups the awesomeness of it. 

Here's today's Disney History: 1995: AT&T and the Walt Disney Company announces the latest project in their 35-year association: the launch of the Indiana Jones Adventure, Disneyland's exciting new thrill ride. 

Have a magical day!