Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 585: Tour Guide in Training

Contrary to what you might think, I actually don't spend every single day in the Music Lobby at SNC. But I do spend a heck of a lot of time here, especially since my internet at home will work great one minute and then completely crash the next. It's a struggle. And it's real.

But today is one of the days that I am taking up residence in the music lobby here, and it's funny, because I get to see a lot of different people in my hours spent in this chair. I mean, I'm working on my laptop pretty much all the time, so I can't always stop and talk, especially since the majority of the people I see I don't even know, but once and a while I'll set the laptop aside and chat. 

And again, today is one of those days. 

I'm not a tour guide here. I probably should be because it would be great for me and I am pretty darn good at answering questions. But there's so much to memorize. Either way, I'll probably end up with that job sooner or later, and today only strengthens that idea in my mind. 

So I'm just sitting here, clicking away at my computer like I generally do, when a man and his daughter appear at the other end of the lobby (I'm on the far end, so you kind of have to go around the corner to even see me). People actually do this all the time. I mean, tours go through, and people ask about the music program, which is all in this building, and if you're going to be a music major you'll probably want to see the music building. But these people weren't on a tour, and stopped to ask me questions. 

This has never happened before. 

But I absolutely loved talking to you guys (if you ever actually read this...know that you totally inspired me to be a tour guide here on campus, and I really hope you decide to come to school here! We're a spectacular bunch of people). I mean, I am a music major after all, and surprisingly I have an actual grip on what classes you have to take and when, even if I'm a performance major and not an education major. 

What does this all have to do with Disney you ask? Well it turns out that I would also LOVE to be a tour guide in the parks. I know so much already and memorizing information about Disney and then sharing the magic with other people sounds pretty darn amazing. I guess we'll see where that goes though. Maybe someday, depending on how long I work in the parks versus going off to pursue that career with Disney Performing Arts. That's what's going to make the difference here, I can tell that already. 

But hey, if anyone ever has questions about Disney or anything else just let me know. I'm always more than happy to answer them! 

Have a magical day!