Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 602: Spaceship Timeline

It isn't every day that my classes can all sort of connect together while also connecting with Disney. In fact, this is a very rare occurrence. Once and a while something like music will meet up with something I'm reading or read in English, and if you count in the foreign language then I suppose that fits too. But then connecting it all together and then to Disney?

Turns out, I do this more often than I really realize. I'm constantly connecting things in my classes to Disney to help myself understand the circumstance of the historical period as well as remember what my textbook is rambling on about. And the number one way I do this is relate it to Spaceship Earth.

Currently, I'm taking Music Theory, French and British Literature, which is just an interesting combination, but it turns out that the theory and lit are roughly the same time period at the moment, and French just fits in here and there. But then, in order to figure out what time period we're talking about, I think about what's going on in Spaceship Earth. I think my general turning point is "Is it after 1450? Has the printing press been invented yet? Are books widespread?" and then I go from there into the Renaissance.

But if it's before 1450, then I have to think about the Romans and the Library of Alexandrea and the Monks and everything. It works pretty darn well for me, at least to gain a basic understanding of what the time period is looking like.

Now, I do wish that Spaceship Earth could go deeper into the story of communication, but I guess we have pretty much all the big turning points, don't we? I think I just miss the old ending, despite the fact that it's been like 7 or 8 years since the switch and that's a really long time in the first place. I just miss the City of Tomorrow, ok? I want it back. Now. Is that too much to ask?


For now though, I'll just continue using Spaceship Earth as a reference point. It's gotten me this far, hasn't it?

Have a magical day!