Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 578: FROZEN DAY!

I may be making up blog posts from simply all over the place (I just wrote two from April as a matter of fact, and once I'm finished with this one I'll move onto a blog post that should have been up last week), but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't actually put up the one that should be up!

But today? Today is August first, and while I fight the urge to actually send in an application to work at Barnes and Noble, I spend a good amount of time there. And lately they've been promoting this thing with Frozen. I'm not totally sure what it is, but I walked in the store and Fixer Upper was playing. At first, I forgot that it was Frozen day, but I totally took it as a sign. I mean, #FrozenIsComing after all, and Fixer Upper is totally the CaptainSwan song of all of them, so I just happily got my chai latte and then walked around the store. Of course, I ended up leaving with books...which is really becoming an issue. But I've got some leftover birthday money anyways. Now if I could only find the time to read them all.

I still am not totally sure what Frozen day all includes, but just the idea is great. I can't express how sad I am that I won't get to experience Frozen Summer Fun at Hollywood Studios. Even the simple fact that I've been to Disney twice since the movie came out and I have yet to meet Anna and Elsa too. But at least I'm going to hopefully get that chance in January, since my friends will be with me. Seems like the perfect time to do that. Plus, I can always wear one of my Disneybounds to meet them, since I'm working through those for Once as it is. Either way, FROZEN!

And then there's the fact that as I did wander around the bookstore, Frozen music was playing all the time, and one can just never have too much Frozen music.

That's a can VERY EASILY have too much Frozen music. Let it Go may be bloody brilliant, but it's also bloody annoying from time to time.

I kind of want to go back for the rest of Frozen day, but I'll be like the teenager surrounded by a ton of little kids, and that sounds less than appealing. So maybe my own Frozen Day at home will be more appealing...even if it really probably won't include Frozen at all. Tonight two episodes of OUAT in my rewatch are waiting for me, along with some great homemade food and maybe Princess and the Frog. Oh yes, it'll be a grand night.

And I'm gonna finish it all off with a book. Since I should probably finish one of them before I start reading one of the ones I just bought today.

Have a magical day!

(GUESS WHAT! This was actually written on August 1!)