Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 597: Churro Cupcakes

It would seem that my summer cupcake project is one of the few projects I intended to work on at the beginning of the summer and didn't let go on. Everyone seems to ask me WHY I'm suddenly all about cupcakes, but to tell the truth, I have no idea why. It's probably a mix of the fact that I know Colin O'Donoghue's favorite kind of cupcake and then I just love baking, but there's also the fact that people never stop telling me I'm good at it. Way to feed my ego guys.

But my cupcake collection wouldn't be complete without this little beauty, a fast favorite of my brother and, it seems, Instagram. Then again, how WOULDN'T Churro cupcakes be a fast favorite.

I made these for the first time a couple of weeks ago and my brother took one bite before taking a second cupcake and then informing me that I'd be making them for his birthday. That is how much he loved these cupcakes. 

So for the second time in like two weeks, I made churro cupcakes. I think the first batch was gone within about a day or two, which has to be a record for this house. I guess that makes sense though because these are literally like a Disney themed cupcake. Who doesn't love churros? The answer? NO ONE. 

If you want to make your own churro cupcakes, HERE is the recipe I used!

Wait...we have Grey Stuff Cupcakes and Churro Cupcakes? What's next?!? Dole Whip Cupcakes. Oh yeah. 

Have a magical day!