Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 596: Dole Whip Dreams

For some reason, the past few weeks have been filled with absolutely wonderful dreams. I have no idea why this is, or what's causing it, but I've had several dreams about Once Upon A Time, especially meeting Colin O'Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison, and a handful of dreams about Disney World too.

Oh, and one really odd one that was a mix of Harry Potter, Once Upon A Time, Titanic, and Star Wars.

But that's all besides the point, because last night's dream was pretty sweet...literally.

I was in Epcot, and that's about all I remember about that, other than the fact that it was around closing time and I was leaving the park in that super slow manner that I generally do. I walked through Mouse Gear, only to come out one of the doors, where there was this weird new cart for Dole Whips. The cast member told me they were trying to sell out for the night so they were now free and we got to pour them ourselves.

So I ate a ton of Dole Whip as I slowly left Epcot.

And then I woke up, only to find that no, I wasn't at Epcot, nor had I been eating Dole Whips, nor will I eat a proper Dole Whip for months. Talk about seriously depressing.

That's honestly about it for today though. I've spent a good portion of my day catching up on some blog posts from April and May, meaning I've been sitting in front of my computer working on this fro HOURS. I'm ready to call it quits for the night and catch an episode of Once Upon A Time before I fall asleep completely!

Have a magical day!