Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 603: Ursula Mugs

I have a friend here at college who loves Ursula, or rather, The Little Mermaid. Like, REALLY loves The Little Mermaid. Probably more than I love Tangled...and that's saying something because do you know how much I love Flynn Rider?

Anyways, a while back they started selling these Ursula mugs:

And it just screamed my friend's name. So I had to get it for his birthday present, despite the fact that his birthday was months ago and literally I just gave it to him today. But he loved it, and I mean seriously loved it. Watching him open it was priceless because the box and the tissue paper all ended up on the ground and stuff was thrown everywhere and he was jumping around. Seriously awesome. 

Because sometimes, there are just Disney products that remind me of my friends, and then they generally end up getting them as gifts because I can't imagine NOT giving them to them because it would just seem wrong. 

Have a magical day!