Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 604: Out the Door

I've talked about Disney Deja Vu before, many times. Last year it was the train whistle (which surprisingly I have yet to hear) and the smell of something or other on campus. It comes in flocks I find, when my mind is just in a Disney mode and then I seem to find more hints of Disney around me.

But lately I've been having some serious Disney Deja Vu, and I have no real idea why. It happens every single morning, for sure, as well as several other times of the day...specifically whenever I walk out the door of my dorm room. I just get this sudden feeling that I'm at Disney and should be going to Epcot instead of a class on British Literature. 

Maybe it's because our dorm is sort of in a motel-like setup. No, our doors aren't on the outside of the building, but they are outside, winding around center courtyard that's completely open and totally beautiful: 

Because those doors are technically facing the outside air, it's possible that I'm connecting that to some of the resorts at Disney, such as Pop Century or my home resort of Old Key West. Yeah, now that I say that, it makes a lot of sense. Plus, since I've only been in my room for a few days, it would fit together that I feel like this is a hotel instead of my new home. After all, last year really, seriously, felt like summer camp for a good week or two. The hotel idea is a little different, but I guess I'll make it work. 

The problem? I leave here every morning thinking I'm at Disney for a split second, and while this puts me in a pretty darn good mood, what happens later in the semester, like in a week, when I realize I'm not at Disney and none of this is new anymore? I'll be stuck in the rut again. 

Maybe this is why I've had such an urge to practice my alto...I'm just happier in the first place. 

Have a magical day!