Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 605: MathMagic Land

Sometimes Disney DOES pop up in class, in a full-on "We're watching a Disney thing" kind of way. Today was one of those days, when the ever popular Donald Duck in MathMagic Land came up in Theory class...and yes we watched the beginning.

If you've never seen DDiMML before, I'm sure you're wondering about how math and music fit together, and you see, that's the exact point of the entire cartoon! Donald learns all about how math sneaks its way into our daily lives, whether we like it or not (I'm most certainly more on the "I don't like math side of things"). And guess what!?! You can watch the whole thing, RIGHT NOW! (Provided you have time to be watching the whole thing and don't have other homework to do like I do).

This isn't the first time Donald has shown up with his math magic in class though. A number of years ago (gosh..Freshman year of High School actually), we watched this in Geometry class, although instead of actually being for a reason like this time I'm pretty sure it was just because we had an extra day and hey, Geometry is math, right? 

Now I just need to remember to find a straw so I can do that thing Dr. Henson told us about today so we can practice these theories in real life and annoy our friends with little plastic straw flutes. 

Have a magical day!