Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 710: Break Quizzes

It seems that Disney worked it's way into my finals week more than I ever could have expected it to! There was a lot of studying and writing and reading and performing going on in and outside of our dorm room, and we needed to find a way to give ourselves a break without wasting a ton of time. In the end, it was my roommates Hannah and Ashley that finally came up with the perfect solution: Disney Quizzes.

By Disney Quizzes, I mean Hannah would go find a bunch of random Disney Movie Facts or Trivia and then ask us the questions. I don't remember all the questions, but I do remember a few:

In Peter Pan, Captain Hook had a hook on which one of his hands? (His Left) 

In Tarzan, is Terk a boy or a girl? (Girl) 

In Tarzan, what is Jane's last name? (Porter)

What is the name of Tarzan's Gorilla Mother? (Kala) 

What is the name of the leopard that kills Tarzan's parents? (Sabor) 

We did a lot of Tarzan trivia at first, but then we branched out a bit. Other questions went on to ask things about Princesses and movies in general, and honestly some of them were hard even for me. Granted, as I've mentioned before, I'm definitely more of a Disney Parks fan than I am a Disney Movie fan. You can always ask me questions about Disney movies but I just can't guarantee that I'll know all the answers. It's a gamble.

Either way, for future reference, HERE is a great source for Disney trivia, and I'm sure I'll be sharing it with my roommates when we get back to SNC for the spring semester!

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 26 due to finals & holidays).