Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 703: The Door of Encouragement

College is hard, but I'm sure most of you already knew that. Granted, I get significantly more sleep in college than I ever did in High School, and I definitely eat better and I'm probably just healthier in general, but the homework? The homework is definitely harder. Which is why my roommates and I need encouragement.

Of course, we have little Melvin to keep us company, sitting in between my desk and Ashley's desk, but as motivational as Melvin is, we need some other motivation too. Actually, it all started with one very specific picture:

It's in a frame and sits on one of my shelves, and so the rest of my roommates were kind of jealous of my extremely awesome study motivation, so we found/made some for them: 

Don't ask. 

Anyways, even before that occurred, we had another idea. We love the television show Chuck in our room, and we all love the character Casey, so one night, when we were listening to our favorite relaxation song, Hang On Little Tomato, I was hit with an idea. A motivation board. And I had the perfect place to put it. The front door of our room is giant and green and a perfect spot for some motivation. And so, the door became one of encouragement. 

Every few weeks, something new will appear on the door. We started out with Hang On Little Tomato and the "Keep Studying" Poster with Chuck's Casey, as well as the "Tiny Potato," and just went from there. Lots of things have been added, and I'm excited about the fact that there's already a few motivational posters to find a home on the door when we get back from Holiday break. 

As you can see, there are a few Disney things on the door, including: 

The door definitely keeps us going through the hard days, and will be added to in the future. Maybe I'll have to do another post at the end of the year when the door is completely filled! Regardless, the things that Captain Hook starts in our room. It get crazier with each passing day, but we love it.

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blot post was written on December 22 due to finals).