Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 718: Editing Day and Night

Would you like a picture of my life right about now? Here you go: 

The appropriate captain here would be "Edit, edit, edit, edit, edit, edit..." and just let that repeat forever. 

You see, somewhere along the line of homework and school and music and homework and blogging, I didn't really have time to edit all of the band trip video that I should have been editing for the past six months. This, of course, is a problem. I don't want to make people wait forever, and considering the fact that I return to Disney in (now) just over three days, it means that I needed to get through some of this footage to make sure I don't need anything else when I go (which I do, so this is good). 

The problem is this: I end up spending around 5 hours a day, at least, editing video. There's a lot of it, and at this point, I've spent around 50+ hours in the past few weeks just staring at my computer editing the band trip video, much less blogging or anything else. 

Of course, this is also kind of fun for me, simply because I do enjoy editing video of Disney World. It's kind of a strange feeling. I mean, for instance, you could be editing video of it's a small world and just find it completely weird to be watching the video when you know it so well that you can just picture it all in your head without even seeing the picture. It feels so natural to be walking there, and much less natural to be watching footage that you personally took months previous. 

On the bright side, I'm almost finished with the main parts of the video, after which I have to return and put them all together with interludes and more pictures. It'll take a while, but in the end I have a feeling everything will work out pretty well, especially since the vlogs are now finished and are just waiting to be uploaded to YouTube this week before I leave. 

But, you know, let's just not talk about the 9 new vlogs I'll have to edit when we return in a couple of weeks. 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 29 due to Holidays and Computer Issues).