Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 713: The Disneybounds Continue

With the first half of the Once Upon A Time Season 4 coming to a close, that means that, for a few months, so are my OUAT Disneybounds. I only Disneybound for episodes (although I do other Disneybounds quite frequently...just wait until my Disney trip!). This season, so far, was especially fun for me, with all the Frozen Disneybounds and new characters and new outfits. Yep, it was a great time. Add on the fact that I've had more favorites and comments on these 'bounds than I've ever had before and I'd say it's been a very successful S4A.

Let's see, where did we leave off? It was with Marian, I believe. But let's just take a real quick look back at the beginning of Season 4:

Which brings us to Prince Eric. A little bit of me is kind of sad that I didn't save this for the second half of the season, but I did promise the actor on Halloween that a Eric Disneybound would be coming. So I threw it in. Plus, I'd been wanting to do one for ages, and I've yet to do Ursula or Ariel, so I think I'll be set on that front when we get to S4B! 

I can't 100% talk for my roommates, but I think this was one of their favorites. Or maybe it was one of my own favorites, simply because when we play the game each week of who I'm dressed as, everyone got it right away! Sometimes it definitely takes a while! PLUS, Lee Arenberg, the actor who portrays Grumpy/Leroy, favorited this one! Definitely a success! 

And finally, to finish off Season 4A the right way, we have Kristoff. This one was great, partly because of Baby Sven, partly because it gave me an excuse to wear my Hook pants and a scarf, and mostly because Scott M. Foster, who portrays Kristoff on OUAT favorited this one! It's always super awesome to have the cast see my Disneybounds, because a huge part of me does it for them. 

As my friends always say, ideally, one day when I meet some of the cast, they'll meet me and I'll mention the outfits and they'll sort of know who I am and what I'm talking about. It's a long shot, but let's be real, I have at least another half a season of outfits to go before I actually have any chance of meeting the cast, so let's just keep going. 

Season 4B, and this is the first I've talked about this really, so big announcement, is still in the works. I won't start searching for outfits until the end of January, at the earliest. Regardless, I CAN tell you that there are outfits for Cruella, Ursula and Malificent all in the cards, of course, as well as Ariel, Archie, probably a Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin and, if things all work out, another Evil Queen! I'm quite excited to see what the new half season brings, and it can't come fast enough! 

Have a magical day!

(Note: This blog post was written on December 26 due to Finals & Holidays).